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If you've found your way here, you have clearly made up your mind that you are going to pop the big question. When going out to select a ring, there are a few things you should know about getting engaged. Below are some tips on the proposal and buying a ring. Enjoy, and good luck.

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Ring Metal

Metal Character Price Maintenance
Platinum Wedding Ring Enduring.
Platinum is the strongest, most pure metal. It will last a lifetime.
More expensive.
Platinum is rarer than gold. Platinum jewelry is composed of 90-95% pure platinum.
Infrequent/more difficult.
- Strongest jewelry metal
- Resistant to damage
- Won't wear away
- Develops a satin finish
- Difficult to polish, repair
- Won't tarnish
Gold Wedding Ring Classic.
18k gold is the most common engagement ring setting.
Less expensive.
18k gold is composed of 75% gold and 25% metal alloys to give it strength.
More often/easy.
- Softer, malleable metal
- More easily damaged
- Will wear away over years
- Easy to polish, repair
- Won't tarnish


Solitaire Settings
The prongs position a center diamond to catch the most light. A four-prong setting shows a bit more diamond, while a six-prong setting offers a slight security advantage.
Settings with Sidestones
A setting with diamonds or gemstones adds additional sparkle or know, bling.
Three-Stone Settings
With this setting you can typically choose the three stones placed in the ring. They're meant to symbolize the past, present, and future

Tips for figuring out what her style is without her knowing:
1) Duh, look at her other jewelry. What color is it? What style is it?
2) Ask her best friend. You're going to need her seal of approval to propose anyway, so asking her will just reinforce in her mind how much you care about your fiancé-to-be.
3) Is she an active person who doesn't typically wear much jewelry? You might consider a cathedral or contour setting, which will protect a diamond.

Proposal Ideas

Top Proposal Cities
  • Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
  • Wailua Falls, Kauai, Hawaii.
  • Venetian gondola, Venice, Italy
  • Key West, Florida
  • Niagara Falls, Canada
  • Cliff of the Dawn, Isla Mujeres, Mexico
  • Grand Canyon, Arizona
  • Taj Mahal, Agra, India
  • Honeymoon Beach, St. John, US Virgin Islands
  • Las Vegas Strip, Nevada
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