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Alright, it's go time. You're the best man. Time to step up to the plate and show your brother or best friend what you're made of. Being the best man is going to take a little work. You can't say no if you're asked, so do it right. Not sure what to do? That's why the Groom Advisor is here.

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Before the Wedding

Bachelor party
This is all you. See our bachelor party guide for tip and tricks.

Take the lead to make sure all the men in the wedding (groom, groomsmen, ushers, ring bearers) get fitted for tuxedos with all the right style accessories.

It's not mandatory that you pick up relatives at the airport, but offering to help will always be appreciated.

Emergency numbers
It can be a good idea to have phone numbers for wedding vendors or parents and relatives on hand. Most likely the bride or groom will have them, but you having them provides a back-up just in case.

Cash reserves
Have some cash on hand. You never know what may come up, and anything you can do to make the life of the bride and groom easier will ensure they keep having fun.

Pay attention as though you are the groom. If the groom forgets something, you're the go to guy.

Cell phone
Remember to charge your phone or those emergency numbers might not help too much. Oh yeah...and turn it off during the ceremony.

The Wedding Day

All your planning leads up to this: The wedding day.

On time
You need to be like Robert DeNiro in Meet the Parents. There needs to be a time schedule and it's your job to get the groom to the altar on time. And make sure the groomsmen are there on time while you're at it.

Help organize everyone to ensure all are present and accounted for.

Game Time
In the event your groom starts to wet the bed during that last hour leading up to the ceremony, it's your job to calm him down. Throughout that last hour leading up to the ceremony, you need to be at his side. Hold his hand if you have to...but no caressing.

Guard those rings with your life, because yours will suck if you lose those rings. Our advice: keep them on your own fingers if you have to.

Toast time
First, it can be a good idea to let the DJ or band know when you're planning to give your speech. Second, keep your toast short and sweet. Stories involving other women are strictly off limits. The toast is the time to reflect with a bit of sentimentality on the bride and groom as a couple, throw a shout out to the parents and guests and, finally, wish them luck. Once your speech has been made, raise your glass in your right hand and say something simple like, "A toast to Dave and Lauren," and you're back to drinking.

TIP: Don't give your speech off the top of your head. This isn't the time for the freelance stylings of the best man. Plan out your toast.

For more advanced help in writing your speech, consult The Perfect Toast.

After the Wedding

It's your job to organize the decoration of the getaway car. Be careful with shaving cream or anything else you put on the car and stick closely to the windows so you don't screw up the paint job. Leave a bottle of champagne in the car for open bottle if it's legal.

In the absence of an arranged driver, offer your services as chauffeur. Drive them to the airport, the hotel, ESPN Zone, or wherever else they want to go.

You'll probably have to collect and return the tux for the groom if not all the groomsmen as well. So just keep this in mind.


By now, you should be all set. Just think Ice Man:" flys ice cold, no mistakes"...
That's you, you're Ice Man.


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