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The Bachelor Party


"One more night of debauchery with the boys"

The bachelor party should be a night to remember. As the best man, it's your duty to give him one last night of freedom..."look, but don't touch" freedom anyway. Planning is key to a successful night. A bunch of guys standing around talking sports is not a bachelor party. The Groom Advisor offers some tips to make it a night to remember.

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The Guest List
To ensure a complete guest list and that you're not forgetting anyone, ask the groom himself who he wants and doesn't want to invite. He's got the wedding guest list, after all. Just be sure to include the obvious: the groom's best buddies and the bride’s brother.

The Itinerary

Step #1
Start the night by going to a restaurant or having cocktails at someone's house. Once the people you had to invite have left, proceed to step #2.

Step #2
GIRLS. Now we're not talking about strippers yet, but having girls around is acceptable. However, let's make one thing clear: these women must not in any way be affiliated with your bride-to-be. Otherwise, you may not have a bride-to-be anymore. Invite some party girls who have no relation to your everyday crowd, the girls who always want to be around for a good time. It shouldn't be a sausage fest, but be smart.

Step #3
This usually includes a strip club, a strip joint, or perhaps even a gentlemen's club. Our only advice is to find a reputable club. Talk to people in what ever city you're in. Just trust us on this one.

Step #4
Finish the night at his favorite bar, casino or even someone's pad. A few last drinks and a Sportscenter style recap of the evening will be the perfect night cap.

Other Items

It's important to know where the party is headed all night in order to arrange how you'll get from place to place -- no designated drivers allowed. Rent a limo (or the KegBus if you're in DC) so that no one has to worry about how much they drank.

Since you'll probably be a loud and obnoxious bunch, it may not be a bad idea to warn management at each location you're going to that night so they won't be surprised when you and your loud crew come strutting in. Don't be afraid to throw a few bills at the guy in charge to ensure you get taken care of. (And don't forget your limo driver, either.)

Also, make sure to set aside some money in case you're liable for any extra a trashed hotel room.

Food and drink
In the event you're not going out or just going to a hotel room, make sure you have enough food and alcohol to keep everyone smiling. You don't need an elaborate meal; just munchies, drinks, and the number of the local cab company.

Have lots of it!
(Groom Advisor will soon release a forum for sharing your bachelor party stories... anonymously of course)

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