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Groom Duties

Guess what? You do have duties to think about. Even though she planned this day years ago while watching Saved by the Bell, she's not quite done. You have a few things to take care of, so be her prime-time player and do things right.

Your Woman: Before we get to anything else, realize that your life is only as good as her mood. When planning, just don't say "yes" to everything…only most things. Interject your opinion here and there to show her you care. If all else fails, just say those three little words.

Arrange a meeting with officiant: You need to discuss your wedding ceremony with officiant and inform him what you are looking forward to in the ceremony. Take the lead on this one.

Get a marriage license:You know, that piece of paper that tells the government you love each other? Be sure to check into your state's procedure for obtaining a marriage license as each state is different. For instance, in Virginia a marriage license is good for 60 days.

Gifts for bride and groomsmen:You should be sure to get her something she's going to cherish and remember. If you're not sure, ask the maid of honor. Be smart about it. As for your groomsmen, what would you want to get if you were in their shoes? (No, not a pony keg of Natty Light.) If you need ideas, Red Envelope, they have lots of great ideas, many are even affordable.

Transportation:You need to organize the transportation for wedding party members. The Groom Advisor recommends the Hummer Limo, but ultimately, they all look the same on the inside.

Be relaxed on D-day: Just relax and enjoy your day. Remember, man proposes and God disposes. So be prepared for the unpredictable and try not to stress.

Some other items to think about the week of:

  • Confirm honeymoons reservations
  • Pick up travelers checks
  • Give the officiant's check to the best man
  • Confirm rehearsal time with your officiant
  • Confirm rehearsal dinner time and location with a manager
  • Make sure you and your groomsmen pick up your tuxes
  • Finalize the seating chart
  • Pack your wedding day (and night) essentials.


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