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Your wedding day gives you the opportunity to scrub up and make a statement about your style. Rather than simply letting someone else tell you how to dress for your wedding day, this is your chance to show her that your style has evolved since your days at Ridgemont High. While your look will need to complement the bride’s, you can still pretend you're shooting the fall fashion edition of GQ. Express yourself in a smart suit that will remain timelessly cool. Having said that, the South Park ties and novelty vests or socks are not the right answer..

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The style of suit will depend on the formality of the wedding. A beach wedding lends itself to a fresh linen look while a more formal affair might call for tails. The time of day and the season will have a bearing on your choice of suit and accessories, so keep that in mind if you’re considering a top hat for a breakfast reception or an overcoat in the middle of summer. Try the International Formalwear Association Tux guide for more info.

Tonal shades are very fashionable, so you don’t have to keep to black. Smoky blue, charcoal and subtle greens are fresh alternatives to the black suit. Have the bride take a swatch of material from the bridesmaids’ dresses for you so you can make the perfect match. Tone your shirt with the color of the suit for an ultra-smooth effect.

Get your hair cut no later than a week before the wedding. That day-of haircut says you're a last-minute man. Don't be afraid to try that stylist your metrosexual buddy goes to. The wedding only lasts a few hours, but the pictures will be around forever. Look good.

Patent leater or Faux Patent? Take your pick, both can look good. Our advice: No wingtips.

Allow us to state the obvious: make sure they all match. There's nothing wrong with letting them wear their own tux, just ensure it looks close enough. Also, involve them in the process and don't be a dictator here. Just because you think the pink cumber bund looks good doesn't mean they will.

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