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Groom Advisor

Welcome to the Groom Advisor!

Grooms...listen up...Times have changed! No longer can you just say "Whatever you want, honey" and expect that to be okay. You, as a modern groom, have duties…several duties, in fact. Let the Groom Advisor be your wing man for all groom-related duties.

We'll help you with everything from engagements, wedding day duties, bachelor party and honeymoon ideas. And since the modern groom has to be stylin', we'll offer tips to lose that gut before the big day and even provide you with a style guides for dress.

Groom Advisor Tip:

Grooms: Taking control of even just one item will let her know you really care about the wedding.
Once it's done, go meet your buddies for wings.

Pimpin' ain't easy men, and neither is selecting the right style of tuxedo for your wedding. When selecting an outfit, consider both your personal build and the setting foryour wedding. Are you having a traditional wedding or a more contemporary one?
Groom Style Guide
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Best Man
Have you talked to your best man about what's off limits, or is he going to bring up that time you streaked campus? Sometimes the best man needs a little help, so send your best man here for a few tips to ensure that your face only turns a little red.
Best Man Guide
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Bachelor Party
The bachelor party should be a night to remember. As the best man, it's your duty to give him one last night of freedom..."look, but don't touch" freedom anyway. Planning is key to a successful night.
Bachelor Party Guide
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